Monday, December 04, 2006

Where has the week gone?!

Unfortunately, my mom has to go back home to Ohio today. We hate to see her go home. I wish her trip here would have been for a different reason, but it was so nice having her around. This past week has been full of her cooking and even cleaning our house for us. Plus, having her around just made me feel so much better! Not to mention she was able to spend lots of time with Joey. The good news is that my parents will both be back here in a couple weeks for Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jessica, you and your mother look so much alike. I am sure Joey will miss grandma.

P.S. She looks so young too!

Jessica said...

Most people think we're sisters :)

DeRogatis/Frilingos Household said...

That's your mom? Wow. I hope I look that good when my kids have children! Isn't it great to have family around to adore our children?

LeslieAnn said...

THAT'S your MOM?! I thought that was you! :)

My mom lives with us and Todd and I both love it! There's nothing like Mom!

Yay, Joey for sitting!! That's awesome!

Miranda said...

That's nice that your mom came to visit, And she got to see Joey reach one of his milestones!

Overwhelmed! said...

Okay, how old is your mom? She looks like a young and hip grandma! :)

Nice pictures.